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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
LEAP4Kidz Class/Camp
Updated 2/1/2017

Thank you for enrolling in a LEAP4Kidz program.

By enrolling, you accept the policies and conditions outlined below. 

Class Minimum:  Class size is a minimum of 12 children and camp minimum is 10 children. In some cases we may opt to run a program with less students, but this is not guaranteed.

Refunds:  If class does not reach the minimum builders for a particular session, a full refund will be given. If you cancel 7 days prior to the start of camp, a refund, minus deposit, will be given. If you cancel after the first class, a prorated refund will be given of remaining camp fee LESS $25 admin fee.   However, you must inform LEAP4Kidz at prior to the start of the second class to obtain a refund. After that, no refunds will be given. Students who are dismissed because of a rule violation or disciplinary reasons will not receive a refund.  Camp deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred to other camps within the same camp session year and location.  There are no refunds once a camp session has started.

Authorized Adults:  It is assumed by LEAP that the adult that enrolls the child has legal custody and/or is authorized to enroll the child in a class or camp during the time specified.  Further, all enrolling adults are authorized to make payments and agree to all our policies at the time of enrollment.

Safety:  LEAP requires criminal background checks for Instructors, Directors, Managers, and all staff who will be on site for any duration of time at our classes/camps.  Unless managed by a sponsoring organization, LEAP will take attendance and inform parents of absence at the contract number given for all classes where students attend directly after school.  Parents are required to sign in/sign out their child for camp.  Children will not be sent to the curb for pick up without written authorization.  Teachers do not have any specialized medical or safety training and will NOT hold medicine for children during camp or class.

Class Overview:  LEAP4Kidz classes are an integrated learning program offering introduction to a variety of topics using Lego bricks as a learning tool to foster thought and creativity.  The class hour is structured in 3 parts: Lesson of the day discussion with the whole class; Project model building from a provided planogram completed in pairs; Creative free play (“Master Builder”) time. Children are required to engage in all parts of class.  Children are not allowed to opt out of one section without opting out of the class for the day.

Lego’s are used for demonstrative and learning purposes.  The goal isn’t to create a complex model or follows a series of directions, but to think about the learning topic for the day using a hand-on project.  The complexity of the building varies from model to model as is necessary to demonstrate the larger topic of discussion.  The goal of each class is to get kids thinking about “how they would do it”.  Not every child will complete the class build each time.  The education is in the process.  Children will be challenged to problem solve, create, and find solutions themselves.  Children will also be asked to help each other and work collaboratively. Each child will have a different learning style and level of skill in problem solving.

Camp Overview:  Camp is structured depending on the type of camp.  All camps have team creation and sharing as a key component of the curriculum.  Kids will work in pairs or teams to create and problem solve.   Sharing and working well within a group is a necessary requirement.  There is not an option for children to be given solo materials if they are unable to work with the group.  Movie Making and Robotics will utilize laptops, webcams, software, and potentially the internet to teach the curriculum.  Children are required to engage in all parts of class.  Children are not allowed to opt out of one section without opting out of the camp for the day.  Children that have difficulty with sharing will be given time outs and it is the child’s responsibility for missed camp time.

Class/Camp specifics:

• All builds are unique.

• All supplies and materials are included in the class fee.

• Children will receive a handout of the day’s build and learning topic.
• Classes meet hourly, one day/week.  Camps meet per specified sessions.

• There is no class on scheduled holidays. If a class is canceled/not held for any reason, a make-up day will be added to the end of the session if approved by the sponsoring organization and/or school and available space can be found.

• If class is canceled due to a school closure, there is no refund and make up sessions will be made on a case by case basis.
• Children ages 4-12 may be in the same classroom due to our learning approach.
• We do not pick up children from their classroom.  It is the responsibility of the child, parent, and/or school for the child to get to the class location.  This varies from school to school.

• If you enrolled directly with LEAP4Kidz, we will email you prior to the start of the program to confirm your child’s enrollment and to inform you of the class location along with dismissal information.

• If you enrolled through school, PTSA or other group, they will be responsible for contact and communication.

• LEAP4Kidz reserves the right to modify the classes, change instructors, or site location as necessary.

• LEAP4Kidz reserves the right to photograph and/or videotape your child during the class or camp by L4K personnel or its authorized agents exclusively for internal and/or promotional use.

• LEAP4Kidz does not provide a snack, unless specifically denoted.  Children may bring a snack to class and quietly eat during the class discussion time (per the school’s policy).

• LEAP4Kidz teachers will not dispense or apply any medication.

• No medication is to be left in the room with the LEAP4Kidz employee or child.
• Children must be picked up at the class location as soon as class is over, and may be charged a late fee for late pickup.

• LEAP4Kidz is not responsible for children before or after stated class times, unless separate agreements have been made.

• We reserve the right to charge a fee for late pick-up. 

Late fees:

1-15min late = $25.00;  16-60min late will be charged an additional $1/minute based on the class clock.

Late fees will be made payable directly to the teacher that was present for class. 

Payment will be made prior the next class session.  If late pick up payment is not received, the child will not be allowed to return to class and any remaining session fees will be forfeited.

Children not picked up within 60 minutes will be taken to the local Police Station.


Medical:  In the event of an injury that requires medical attention, LEAP4Kidz has the right to obtain necessary emergency medical treatment for the enrolled child with the understanding that the family will be notified as soon as possible. LEAP4Kidz personnel have permission to treat minor injuries on site.  LEAP4Kidz will not hold or administer any medication.

Email Opt-In:  A current email address is required as this is the primary form of communication between LEAP4Kidz and our customers. Your information is always kept confidential. We do not sell or share this information.

Indemnification:  In consideration of allowing the child to participate in the LEAP4Kidz  program(s), the enrolling parent hereby release and forever discharge LEAP4Kidz, Leap Enrichment, and/or Leap Education,  and its officers, volunteers, employees and sub-contractors and agents from any liability arising out of or based upon any bodily injury or property damage which may be sustained by my child while participating in such program.

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